About Me

I am one of these rather odd people, (not quite eccentric yet) I never married because I wanted a career, I have strong views on most subjects and also a sense of humour, I have a very strong sense of decency and integrity, care passionately about animals and children and seeing people succeed. I relish taking on new adventures and testing myself to the full. Life is for living and we only get one go at it.





  • I worked for Virgin Atlantic Airways from the beginning, starting at the bottom and worked my way up to become the first female director
  • I volunteered to travel with Virgin to help rescue hostages that were being held during the first Iraq war and take refugee supplies to Jordon
  • I have competed and won at the Royal International Horse show and The Horse of the Year show in the same year
  • I travelled to Nairobi by air with a horse (acted as the groom) and travelled back the same day
  • I moved to Spain by myself for 3.5 years. I did not know anyone, or the language or where I was living. I have written diaries on my experiences and now want to get them published
  • I drove back from southern Spain by myself with 2 rescue dogs.
  • I have written and had published several articles, 1 being about the plight of dogs in Spain
  • I did a tandem skydive even though I have a real fear of heights
  • I had my own, successful management training business and I specialised in business and life coaching.
  • I was given the opportunity to present at the Horse of the Year show with Eurosport

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